'Twas 24-bits of Christmas...

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This is the winning music review from our 24-bits of Christmas Facebook Competition. Matt Picco from Alberta wrote a fantastic poem telling us about his favourite track from our 2013 Christmas music offering. Thanks Matt, we hope you're enjoying your prize; a sexy silver Kiko System.


‘Twas “24-bits of Christmas, with love from Linn”;
The message in my inbox was cause for a grin.
Twenty-four tracks all recorded with care,
Engineered and mastered for those with an ear.

With haste I followed the link to Linn’s site;
Three tracks on day one - what a delight!
Within but mere minutes I downloaded my tracks;
No payment was due, not even the tax!

On the following days I returned for Linn’s gift,
The anticipation of which brought a welcoming lift.
A few days I missed due to a fog in the head,
But I soon learned from Linn I had nothing to dread.


The company must have been reading my mind,
For the next email they sent was both gracious and kind
Linn generously offered to pick up the slack
By offering not one, but three missed tracks!

As if that wasn’t enough, Linn still could outdo
By offering a Kiko for a winning review.
“Long or short... Go on, get inventive!”
These were the words that became my incentive.

Away to my listening room I flew like a champ,
Set down my computer and powered up my amp.
The blue glow from my Chakra on black Lovan stand
Set the mood for the ensuing battle of bands.


Now! Barker, now! Bryan, now! Jungre, and Martin,
On! Mera, on! Cosker, on! Fallow and Duncan;
Move me, amaze me, overtake me with awe.
Now play away! Sing away! Play away all!

Voices soared o’er me, drums beat in my chest;
‘Twas no easy task to decipher the best.
Then what to my discerning ear should I hear,
But a beat most melodious, a vocal sincere.

Was this my panacea, the end of my toil?
Ladies and gentlemen... Ms. Maeve O’Boyle!
With evocative lyrics and vocals compelling,
This Scot had me buying what she was selling.


The baseline was punchy, the tempo high;
The name of the track:“Hero in the Sky”.
At 24 bits and 48 kilohertz,
Resolution was akin to that heard at concerts.

Engineering was splendid, nothing was lacking,
Music enveloped me and kept my feet tapping.
As for my favourite part of the track - 
When guitar took center stage and vocals swept back.

To conclude my review I have to thank Linn;
The outcome aside, for me it’s win-win.
For your benevolent act has upon me bestowed
A respect for artists heretofore unknown.

And, finally, a thank you for leading the pack,
For pioneering the studio master track.
In the digital age of the mp3
It’s nice to have friends who value quality.

By Matt Picco, Alberta

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