Music is the soundtrack to our lives

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One Summer, One Song

The new Linn website is all about music and the emotions it inspires and reflects.

As it developed, it was great fun for us to remember the music that defined the key events and emotions in each of our lives, and also surprising to discover many similarities and overlaps between these times when music made the difference. 

So we decided that we would make a Music Moments wall, a place on our site where anyone could post their thoughts, words, images and videos - anything that would combine music and memory together and allow these musical touchstones to be shared.

What does music mean to you?

The Wall

Now we'd like you to contribute your own personal music moment. When did music make the moment for you? Which event in your life has its own soundtrack that plays in your head when you remember it? You can provide text, an image or video clip to represent your moment and it'll go straight up on the wall alongside everyone else's.

You'll be able to see what your song means to others and how the big moments in life - births, deaths and marriages, friends and family, love and heartbreak - are played out to the sounds of our favourite songs and artists. Visit the Music Moments wall and join the dots together.

My Music Moment

Gilad's Music Moment

Like everyone, I've had loads of music moments. But when I was asked to pick one, I didn't have to think for more than a millisecond before coming up with the Beastie Boys gig at Barrowlands in April 1987. When I was offered an opportunity to go back to the Barrowlands to re-live the moment, I couldn't resist...

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I saw them supporting Run DMC in same year @ Brixton Academy...pretty scary and had the VW badge off our Golf stolen...true!

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