Tune Dem: If It Sounds Better, It Is Better.

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Kiko, Blue Monday

The philosophy at Linn is very simple: if it sounds better, it is better. That's why we always recommend you listen and compare music systems before you choose the right one for your home.

Tune Dem

Using Linn's Tune Dem philosophy it's easy to compare two products during an A/B demonstration. Just ask yourself a few simple questions:

  • Can you hear all the of the musicians playing all of the instruments all of the time?
  • Can you follow the tune by every instrument?
  • How is easy is it to sing-a-long or follow the melody?

A musical scale is composed of a series of fixed, predictable steps and our brain has an uncanny ability to follow these steps, determining when errors have been made. It's like climbing a set of stairs. As long as all the steps are the same you can comfortably walk up the steps, come down the steps, run up, run down, take two steps at a time, even do it in the dark. However, change the size of just one step and you are likely to fall on your face.

Following the tune is much the same. If you try to follow along with the tune you will find that, on a good hi-fi system, the tune will seem to make more sense. The steps will be more regular. The notes that one instrument is playing will have some relationship to the notes that another instrument produces. You will even frequently know what note is coming next.

In the end, the better the system, the less damage it does to the pitch relationships and therefore the easier it is to follow the tune.

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