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As we pull on our winter coats and retrieve our woolly scarves and knitted gloves from the back of the wardrobe it’s the perfect time to reflect on a truly memorable summer festival season.

Nothing could dampen the spirits of the well trained festival goer this year. Sporting wellies and waterproof ponchos, sliding in mud pits or if we were lucky, basking under a weak British sun, 2012 still saw a great roster of music events across Britain.

Linn’s festival experience was to join DJ Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy at Camp Bestival and Bestival for another fantastic year of Classic Album Sundays played on Linn. With the iconic Sondek LP12 turntable playing a starring role, dedicated listening sessions proved a relaxing setting for many tired souls.

Classic Album Sundays played on Linn

At Classic Album Sundays played on Linn, festival dwellers enjoyed a soothing reprieve from the hectic bustle of mainstream life - solely concentrating on the subtle intricacies of some iconic albums, including 'Sgt Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band' and Michael Jackson’s 'Thriller'. Listeners were afforded the rare chance to stop and just listen. 

In today’s fast paced and frenzied environment we often forget to set aside quality listening time. Moments when we can focus our attention entirely on the great sound of our favourite artist or the hidden delights of a well-loved melody.  

When was the last time you listened to a whole album from start to finish? And I don’t mean blaring out tracks as you get ready for the weekend or sticking something on in the background while recreating Jamie Oliver’s latest 15 minute meal.

Classic Album Sundays gives music lovers the chance to share their passion within a unique setting. Often we don’t realise the affect high quality sound has on the emotional connection and enjoyment of listening. I’m constantly shuffling between songs on my iPod, listening to tracks on Spotify while I work and blaring my latest ‘feel-good playlist’ while busting a sweat at the gym, but it had been a long time since I‘d sat down and devoted my full concentration to some truly great music. And so, inspired by Linn’s Bestival experience, I decided to go along to a Classic Album Sundays session myself. ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ was to be played at The Berkeley Suite - a small, cult club by Glasgow’s Charing Cross.


Dark Side of the Moon

The underground venue was packed out with an audience of every description and a babble of excitement and cheer reverberated throughout the space. However when the turntable kicked in with ‘Speak to me’ the room fell still, except for the odd murmur of appreciation and the gentle rhythm of friendly toe tapping. It was amazing to be part of this unified wave of admiration.

Pink Floyd have a lot to answer for regarding the musical taste of my adolescent years.  When I was 13 I got my first part-time job washing pots in a local hotel. By the end of each week I would rush to the local CD store and spend the entirety of my schoolgirl earnings building up my treasured music collection. ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ was one of my first and most mysterious purchases. I’d heard the name and knew the band was something special but - although I would never have admitted it - it was more the ‘cool factor’ that had attracted me to them.

I experienced the vibrations of a musical epiphany when the opening riff of ‘Money’ echoed out of my walkman for the first time. I’d never heard anything like it. It was a genre that my untrained ears could not pin down, with the grisly guitar chords of progressive rock and a cool smokiness reminiscent of jazz or blues. Each layer of music sounded deliciously experimental and I truly understood the hype behind the band’s infamous name.

When music makes the difference

Great music arouses a multitude of moods and sentiments. Everyone has a time when music made a lasting impression. With so many passionate music fans working within every facet of Linn we decided to share some of our deepest, personal music moments and soon discovered that other people wanted to join the conversation as well. We were delighted when DJ Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy shared one of her most personal memories with us - a life-changing moment that would later serve as inspiration behind the concept of Classic Album Sundays.

‘Walking into a party at The Loft in New York - the atmosphere was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. The eclectic mix of old disco and new dance tracks sounded so different - I was hearing things I'd never heard before. The moment really inspired me and changed the course of my life forever.’

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