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In the open setting of West Brewery on Glasgow Green the room is practically bursting with Led Zeppelin fans of all ages, suit cuts and band t-shirt sizes. Point and testament to the success of this Linn Lounge music evening. The layered nuances of Zeppelin’s music burst out of the system. Listening back to my own album copies from my tinny computer speakers just doesn’t have the same effect. And I don’t have quite so tasty beer either.

The stories recounted by our guide as he talks us through Zeppelin’s history of recording and critical success (or the surprising lack of it during their earlier days) all point to the collective creativity of the band’s music, which is best enjoyed as a whole. Anecdotes that stick out include the recording of Jon Bonham’s drums on When the Levee Breaks (one my favourite Led Zep songs). Who’d have known it was spontaneously captured from the bottom of an 3-storey stairwell as the ‘impatient’ musician punched out his part before his drum kit had been fully assembled and carried up to the band’s recording room at the top of the stairs. The subsequent decision to record this heavy beat against the echo house offers a new and surprising ingredient to the song that I’d never noticed before. Each facet of Zeppelin’s musical genius comes across clearly as we listen to hits such as Dazed and Confused and Immigrant Song, accompanied with live clips of their famed performances.


Being the first of its kind, it’s clear that this unique music evening has even more potential for the future. The appreciation was obvious, with many restraining their head-banging as best they could and some wildly applauding as if they were at a live performance. I challenge anyone who attends the upcoming Linn Lounge presents Nile Rogers & Chic in July to enjoy it without at least a constant tap of the foot. I can only imagine it will lead to dancing on chairs.

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