TIDAL: The Times They Are A-Changing

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Bob Dylan famously sang that “the times they are a-changing”, and it certainly seems that the tide has started to turn with the re-launch of TIDAL, the lossless music streaming service.

TIDAL brings forth two strong contributions to streaming.  Firstly, it plans to take on competitors by offering access to exclusive material from some of the most prolific artists in the world - a strong selling point.  Secondly, and more crucially to those of us who understand the importance of sound quality, is the ability to stream higher quality music via any device whether it’s your mobile phone or your Linn DS.  In this regard, TIDAL is king.


I’ve been fortunate enough to listen to TIDAL on a Linn DS using the Linn Kazoo app, and the results are staggering.  No longer does online streaming imply a vast reduction in music resolution.  The CD quality service is a massive step up from the compressed, MP3 quality that we’ve almost had to accept in daily life.  Put simply, streaming has taken a huge step forward.

My music catalogue has exploded since activating my TIDAL account when Linn teamed up with them at the end of last year, and while streaming still isn’t a substitute for vinyl (yet!), it’s impossible not to fall in love with TIDAL’s  multi-million, high quality track catalogue.  Combined with a Linn DS, you can virtually listen to any song, any time, in CD quality, with lossless sound.

If you also spend a sizeable amount of time listening to music using your phone and a pair of headphones, TIDAL is a no-brainer.  Artists, albums, tracks and playlists marked as “Favourite” on TIDAL are instantly synced to your Linn Kazoo app.  I’ve personally found this feature to be handy when out with friends discussing music and someone makes a recommendation.  I simply find it on TIDAL, press the “Favourite” button, and I can listen to it straight away when I get home without any hassle.


Combined with a Linn DS, TIDAL really stands out as the difference in sound quality is (unsurprisingly) far more recognisable.  Last week a friend and I were listening to the David Bowie track, Changes, when he remarked that in all the years of listening to that song he’d only just noticed two instruments that he’d never heard before, such was the power of the Linn/TIDAL combination.

Granted streaming has still not reached the levels of 24-bit quality, however at only £19.99 per month you can’t help but marvel at what a fantastic service TIDAL is.

Linn has stood by the mantra that “garbage in equals garbage out”; that great music, great sound even, requires a great source.  I believe that in this way, TIDAL is a perfect partner for any Linn system.

And if you’re a Linn DS owner, you can even get a free trial of TIDAL.

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