Redefining Sound & Style with Linn & Timorous Beasties

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Unveiled at an exclusive London launch last September, Linn Series 5 music systems have taken the world by storm with their astonishing sound quality and exquisite style.  Completely customisable, Series 5 complements the d├ęcor of any home.

We’re delighted to announce that a new collection of Series 5 covers from renowned Scottish design studio Timorous Beasties is now available to order.  This extraordinary range, featuring ten distinctive designs, has already gained plaudits from major publications including Homes & Gardens magazine, T3, Elle and Living etc.


Challenging the Status Quo

With similar origins and values, Timorous Beasties is the ideal partner for Linn and their Series 5 music systems.  Also based in Glasgow, the formidable duo of Alistair McAuley and Paul Simmons have been pioneers of print since 1990.

Linn’s founder, Ivor Tiefenbrun, challenged the status quo of hifi in the 1970s and proved that the source, i.e. the turntable, was the most important component in the performance of a music system. In much the same way, Timorous Beasties brought rich, decorative wallpapers to a dull and minimal marketplace. By challenging convention both have gone on to achieve global acclaim.

Taking Control of Quality

Both Linn and Timorous Beasties ensure the highest quality possible in their products. Every Linn system is designed and built by hand in-house, carrying the name of the person who made it; Timorous Beasties hold quality as their most important trait:

“Our product is highly crafted and designed. It’s always quality first,” says Alistair. “People don’t buy our products based on cost; they buy it because of the quality of it.”

It makes sense then that Linn and Timorous Beasties would accept no compromise in the manufacturing of the latest collection for Series 5. So they turned to the acclaimed Glasgow School of Art (where Alistair and Paul met and studied together) to enlist their expert printing processes, ensuring an exceptional finish across the range.

Inspiration and Design

However, quality is just one aspect by which Timorous Beasties are recognised. Their surreal and provocative prints are completely unique, making them ideal for anyone who wants to make a bold design statement with their Series 5 system. From the colourful “Omni Splatt” to their iconic “Thistle”, every pattern is inspired by everyday life.



“Most things are pretty inspirational when you look at them long enough,” explains Paul, “but what also really drives the inspiration is the way that things are produced and manufactured.

“When you look at something today it’s slightly different to how you would look at something 20 years ago. Whatever it is that inspires you, it’s now possible to print digitally. What that means is that you can find more inspiration everywhere because everything’s a lot more possible.”

Placing a fabric cover over a speaker would normally have a negative impact on the sound quality, however thanks to Linn’s revolutionary technologies, Series 5 has been brought to life in a way that simply wouldn’t have been possible even just a few years ago.

The End Product

TB Birdbranch 530 B.jpg

The combination of both extraordinary style and the highest quality standards was crucial for Linn when looking for design partners for Series 5. Timorous Beasties is the ideal partner, bringing world-class expertise and aesthetic that can match the extraordinary sound offered by Linn’s systems.

The studio’s most distinctive and iconic prints were chosen for Series 5 covers. Paul explains that as these were originally created for wallpaper and other home furnishings, some enhancements had to be made to capture the spirit of each design in its new application:

“Just like everything else we do, we design with the end product in mind. But we would never have thought that there would be some way we could put designs originally made for wallpaper onto a Linn product, and so we had to make some tweaks.  You can’t just say ‘I’ll just throw a cover on a speaker’ - a lot of work goes into these things. It’s a unique proposition with a lot to be considered.

“The whole idea of the project with Linn is to give people something they never really expected in terms of both aesthetic and sound.”

As for the most important question - which design would they choose for their own Series 5 system? Paul says he’d choose Kaleido Splatt; Alistair says he can’t decide!

Linn Series 5 systems featuring the Timorous Beasties Collection are now available to order, and using Linn’s online customisation tool you can design your very own system.

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