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Gilad Tiefenbrun, Managing Director of Linn Products (www.linn.co.uk)

Gilad Tiefenbrun was born in 1972 and grew up in Glasgow where his father, Ivor, had established Linn Products Ltd in the same year.

After gaining his degree in Electronics and Electrical Engineering at Edinburgh University, Gilad held various positions in the mobile electronics industry.

Gilad took up his first permanent role at Linn in 2003 as Head of R&D, making critical changes to the product development process which led to the introduction of Linn DS - regarded by Gilad as his greatest achievement to date, cementing Linn's early leadership in digital music streaming and marking a shift of seismic proportions for the industry as a whole.

In 2008 Gilad attained an Executive MBA from Harvard Business School, providing an invaluable foundation for his appointment as Managing Director of Linn in February 2009.

Gilad plays a key role within the Future SME Project, a multi-million pound European project to develop a future business model for SME manufacturers across Europe.

Gilad is married to Rachel and they have three young daughters. His key interest outside Linn is music; he plays guitar and sings, occasionally with a band, as well as listening to an eclectic mix of recorded and live music.

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Hi Gilad

You may remember we talked at your 40th Anniversary event about the possibility of releasing more of the Linn Records back catalogue on vinyl. I hope you heard the news today that vinyl sales are increasing - yet again. I remember saying to you, " ... it can't just be me." Clearly it isn't. Please do give this some serious thought - I think you might be surprised by how many of your LP12 owners worldwide would relish the opportunity of owning more Linn audiophile quality LPs

Steve Page

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