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Music First

You might have noticed that the Linn website has changed in the last couple of weeks.

Out with the Old

Our previous website was conceived as an online catalogue. The structure neatly mirrored the areas of Linn's business and the categories of products. This was ideal for people who knew Linn and knew what they were looking for. The home page was used as a podium to display the latest products and upgrades. It broadcasted: 'Look at our latest offering.' It assumed knowledge of Linn, assumed that the latest offering made sense in the context of an existing understanding of our business and products.

Making it Easier

Our new website attempts to take a customer-perspective. We've flipped the approach from 'broadcast' to 'explore'; the new site invites you to discover Linn at your own pace. That's why the first menu item is Music - it's the fundamental reason Linn exists - to help you get better music at home. From left to right, the subject matter becomes progressively more detailed: Music, Our Systems, Try Linn, Buying Linn, Community and Support.

Within each main menu item, there is one continuous page offering more depth of detail flowing from top to bottom. It's designed so you can dip into the content and dip back out again as you please, with sections that make sense as standalone content. For example, Music lets you read the latest music blogs and album reviews, learn about and explore Studio Master downloads, purchase music from Linn Records, get into high quality Linn web radio and, finally, if you're digging deeper, understand how music shaped Linn's philosophy and why we do what we do.

All of the pages are structured the same way. From the most accessible information at the top, to the most detailed at the bottom. For those who don't need the earlier sections, any of the standalone sections can be bookmarked directly. So let's say you're interested in the product catalogue, you can bookmark it, even though it's within a larger section. You can also send a link to a specific section to a friend - for instance, if you've heard music on Linn DS then you'll already know it's better - here's a simple explanation why

NewsBlogs and Forums are also now fully integrated within the site so you can always get at them from the top menu, or stay connected using the RSS feeds or automatic e-mail updates.

System Focus

Linn Systems (iPad-friendly)

For the same reasons, we present systems before we get into individual products. Without a hi-fi background, it's easy to be confused or intimidated by a product catalogue with too many options. I often walk out of a shop if I feel overwhelmed by too many choices without any context. If we want to welcome new people into our wonderful world of hi-fi, we have to lower the barrier to entry. I don't mean lower performance or lower price - I mean lower complexity.

The new range of DSM Systems should hopefully be easy for everyone to understand: They make anything you listen to at home sound better.

There are so many ways we get sound at home today: music, movies, computers, mobile devices, the internet; until now, you needed a high degree of technical comfort, or at least patience with technology, to join all these sources together through your hi-fi system. So we spend more time on the new site on the DSM Systems, and explaining how to unify all your sources through your Linn.

Your Feedback

Finally, we need your feedback so that we can improve the website. It's a huge change. I'd like to thank the many of you who have taken the time to email us or post on the forum with ideas for improving the site.

It's been developed by Linn, is completely owned and controlled in-house, so we can respond rapidly and we are working continuously to improve and update the site. Watch this space...